Our only business is creating software for ministry. We offer two products:

    The Church Membership Directory

    Jots & Tittles

A brief description of each product follows along with pricing information and links to pages providing more details for each package.

The Church Membership Directory

Our flagship system, the “CMD” has been produced since the fall of 1984, and has grown over time into a full-featured, mature, and ministry-relevant church data base system. It provides the means to track and easily use important personal, mailing, and church-related information, making that information available in a variety of formats.

Its family-centric design contains the full range of standard data base features enabling you to add, update, or delete information, individuals, or families as needed. Extensive user-definable fields and elements make it easy to tailor CMD to most any ministry setting. It is used by churches from 35 to 3500 members and all sizes in between and by a wide variety of denominational and congregational churches. It is equally at home on a single computer or a network

Because the software is used directly in ministry by the author, it contains touches and features that are unique. It is constantly evolving in order to respond to the evolving needs of ministry. We are happy to provide references from long-term users upon request.

Click here for more specific information on the CMD software.

Jots & Tittles

Jots & Tittles is a unique program designed to store and track resource information for the ministry professional or for anyone who must prepare and present sermons, talks, lectures, or other presentations.

It stores information about sermons, books, illustrations, electronic media, articles & manuscripts, and periodicals. Users can enter basic information relevant to each resource type, and then add any number of “themes” that define how the resource might be used. You can then search your resource library information to find resources to help with the topics you’ve entered.

Price for Jots & Tittles: $59 plus $5 s/h.

Click here for more specific information on Jots & Tittles.

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