CMD Video Training

We have created a library of training videos to quickly train new or veteran users of our Church Membership Directory software that makes learning to use it easy, fun, and very visual. The videos are narrated by CMD’s creator, Mic Thurber, and are actual screen recordings demonstrating various features and functions in CMD.

To date there are some 25 training videos, ranging from 1 minute, 39 seconds to just under 20 minutes, with most in the 3 minute range. They can be viewed on most any computer, and are called right from within the Church Membership Directory software version 2008.2 and later.

Here are some actual training videos you can view. Be sure to have your speakers turned up and ready!

Getting Started with CMD

How to enter a Family

How to enter Individuals

How to use CMD to address e-mails

How to create a new family and move a current family member to it in one operation

Other Topics Covered:

  • How to reassign a family member from one family to another
  • How to use the Family Name field correctly
  • How to use the Selection Page of Print Names to select the names you want to print
  • How to print labels for your newsletter
  • How to print labels for your church board members
  • How to print a church directory
  • How to print a birthday or anniversary list
  • How to print a list of homebound members
  • How to print names based on their attendance
  • How to print names based on dates
  • How to do a mail-merge
  • How to print lists in a batch (iterative lists)
  • How to print using Printing Presets, Wizards, and Macros
  • How to change the form of your list (labels, reports, attendance grids, visitation reports, etc)
  • How to preview your report before printing it
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