Flexible Ministry Tools!

Different ministries require different tools - so we’ve configured our Church Membership Directory software (CMD) in a number of ways to best fit your needs. Each option begins with our full-featured, mature, and thoroughly user-tested church ministry and management software. From there, you can add building blocks to increase its usefulness for you. Here are your options (all prices are USD):

CMD as a Fully Hosted Solution

By far boasting the most advantages, we can host CMD’s program and data for you on a secure, private remote server which allows both Mac and Windows-based computers to use the same program and access the same data. Costs are monthly and are based on the number of concurrent connections that your ministry setting requires.

This solution is the absolute simplest way to implement CMD for multiple computers (and to enable Mac computers to use CMD). It comes with many, many advantages over the more traditional ways of implementing CMD. Click here to see the list of advantages and to see the pricing for this option.

CMD for Stand-Alone, Single Computer Settings

Best for...

  • Any ministry setting where there is primarily one user of CMD
  • You need the most economical CMD solution possible
  • You may set up CMD on additional computers for no additional cost (only limited to your specific ministry setting), but you must backup the data from one computer and restore it onto the other computer(s) for use there


  • $279.95 download version
  • $299.95 CD version

You are licensed to set up CMD on any number of computers required for your specific ministry setting. The only restriction is that you cannot share the software with anyone from another ministry. Its use is strictly limited to your specific ministry setting and your ministry’s data.

CMD + Remote Database Server Software

Best for...

  • Ministries that have several computers networked together
  • Ministries that prefer to self-host their data
  • Settings where staff or lay leaders need to be able to have remote access to their live CMD data and features from their home desktop or laptop computer. Remote users can then set up CMD on their home computers, hook into your office’s CMD data files, and have complete access to all of CMD’s functionality right from home or other location. Changes made from a remote connection are instantly effective and immediately available to all others using CMD whether in the office or remote. It is in every way a fully functioning program from a remote location
  • Easier connection within a local network. It’s also a bit stronger because requests and results are sent back and forth rather than all the data all the time. This results in faster access on a local network, and makes power or network problems much less likely to cause damage to your data when power spikes or network problems occur


  • $379.90 download version
  • $399.90 CD version

Click here to read what you will need in your computer setup in order for remote access to work.


CMD + Web-enabled Apps

We have several web-enabled apps (with plans for more) that  go well beyond the free phone access app that comes standard with CMD. These web-enabled apps are an optional addition to your CMD license for a one-time license addition fee. This entitles you to receive and use any and all web-enabled apps that we produce in a given model year as long as you are current with CMD in that same model year.

Price: $99.95 addition to any non-fully hosted CMD license above.


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