Web-Enabled Apps

The Web-Enabled Apps are separate but useful applications that are web-based that work directly with your CMD data. Since they are web-based, they can be accessed by any device (tablet, phone, laptop, desktop) that has a browser and a connection to the internet.

To use the web-enabled apps in CMD, you must purchase the Web-Enabled Apps update to your basic CMD license. This is a one-time license addition purchase that makes the web-enabled apps a permanent part of your CMD license.

That means that as you keep your CMD license updated, you will receive any and all web-enabled apps that we produce during any model year for which you are current with CMD for no additional costs.

We have finished our first web-enabled app for tablets (sized for an iPad) that is designed for staff use only. To see a full description of the app and see the app work on your own tablet or other device, see CMD Live Tablet Access.

There is also a web-based phone-sized app for both staff and general member use, and is described in detail on the Live Phone Access page. This app can be used as a phone-based church directory.

Both of these apps are installed on the computer that hosts CMD’s data. The requirements for using either the tablet- or phone-sized web apps are the same. See the ServerPrep page for specifics on what you’ll need.

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