Ministerial Director Tools

Terms of Use Agreement

I have written the Tools for Ministerial Directors software application to help Ministerial Directors keep better track of their pastors along with various functions relating to your work in supporting pastors. If you subscribe to the use of this software, you agree to the following:

Purchase and use of the software requires one of the following:

  • an automatic monthly subscription charge to a CC
  • an annual CC charge
  • a check for the annual amount of the subscription

You can subscribe for the monthly or annual subscription at the end of this agreement.

The cost of the subscription is based on the number of concurrently connected users you need. Any number of your colleagues or other office staff to whom you wish to give access can use the program, and you can set up as many users with different access levels within the actual application as you wish. Your decision on concurrently connected users will be based on how many of these potential users you wish to enable accessing the program at the same time. E-mail me if you wish to dialog about the number of connections that would be best for your situation and how we should set them up for you.

The software program itself doesn’t care how many users you define for it. The concurrent connection issues are related to the hosting service on which the software is placed. It is for this service that you must decide how many users should be allowed to access the software at any one time. As noted above, subscription costs are based on the number of concurrently connected users for which you subscribe.

The subscription price includes:

  • A private, virtual server created for only your use on a fully-professional server farm owned and operated by a major church software company that gives me access to their hosting services. Their server farm is highly secured with full power backup, and provides daily backup for each of their servers. The company providing the hosting services will not have any password access to your data whatsoever
  • The number of concurrent connections for which you subscribe that only you and those you authorize to use the software will have access to
  • All costs for the software itself
  • Any and all updates to the software. These updates will be installed for you automatically whenever I have new parts of the software finished or when bugs are reported that get fixed
  • Monthly data backup downloads from the hosted server onto my own server for extra security. This is an optional service and I will only do this with your authorization. You are free to download backups of your data at any time for your own safekeeping if you prefer
  • Full ownership of your own data

To provide the above services to you, I (Mic Thurber) will, of necessity, serve as your system administrator. That means:

  • I will have access to all virtual server spaces. I cannot keep your software updated, fix issues you may have with it, or define user names for the hosted service unless I have that access
  • I maintain a backdoor password into your data so that I can provide rescue services to you should your data become corrupted, if you need help in debugging your data, when/if I need to modify your data files to accommodate new features and fields that are added to the program over time, or if you lose or forget your own login information and have need for a reset on your user name and password so that you can get back in to the program
  • In view of the access I must maintain in order to provide the kind of support required, I give my personal pledge that I will never access your program or data for any reason other than those mentioned above, and only then when you have advance knowledge of it. In most cases, I would be accessing your program or data with you while we are on the phone together. In those rare cases when that won’t work or be possible, I will proceed only upon your permission for me to do this work
  • I will be your support source when you have issues with the software. While there is a full help system built into the software, I realize that it’s not possible to cover every nuance of every feature. I will help when needed when you contact me by e-mail. If we cannot resolve the issue easily through an e-mail exchange, we’ll set a phone appointment time when we can talk together

Confidentiality Issues

If you choose to give others in your office access to this program (that’s solely your decision), I want to be clear about an important area of confidentiality.

The software includes a function to record your contacts with pastors as well as comments about those contacts. You are free to make those comments as detailed as you need to.

Each contact record that you enter has a Confidential field you can mark just by clicking on a check box. If you mark any contact as confidential, then only you will be able to view those confidential contacts and associated information. Only contacts not marked confidential will be visible to others who might use the software. The confidential ones will always be visible only to you.

All the other information you’ll be putting in the software is pretty much accessible through other means. Gathering it all together in this one place will be a great benefit to you, but it is information that is already out there and in the public domain. So it’s primarily the contacts/comments that has the privacy protections.

One final note on confidentiality. All data files within the database are encrypted for added protection.


I take my software very personally, and pledge to do my best to fix any reported issues as quickly as possible. I will also respond to requests for additional features and fields if it serves the interests of the larger group of users and it’s within the capabilities of the programming platforms I use or within my own capabilities to create.

I offer no additional warranty or promises other than these.


Your subscription to the Tools for Ministerial Directors software constitutes your acceptance of the above information and declarations.

To subscribe for the Monthly CC Subscription:

Number of Concurrent Connections Needed

To subscribe for the Annual CC Subscription:

Number of Concurrent Connections Needed

To subscribe by check, send the amount based on the number of connections you need in the Annual drop-down box above, made out to Software for Ministry, PO Box 6303, Lincoln, NE 68506.

Thin Client Download

Once you have subscribed, you’ll need to download and install the thin client programs, the apps that put on your Mac or PC computer that give you access to the remote hosted system where your private virtual server with the Tools for Ministerial Directors program will be located.

After you provide me with the user names you have chosen for your log in to the remote hosted system, you will use the thin client software to then access the hosted server and then your copy of the program. So your first task is to complete the following.

Download first the appropriate thin client:

Thin client for Windows computers

Thin client for Mac computers

Once downloaded, run the install program. Note that if you are a Mac user, you will likely need to change a setting on your Privacy and Security window to allow a non-App Store program to run.

After the install program for the thin clients has been run, find the IDS item on your programs list and run it. When you run it, it will first ask you for a Host Connection name. That window will look something like this:


In the space provided, enter this Host Address exactly:

If your dialog has a check box to create a desktop shortcut, check it. Click Connect and the IDS thin client will search for the remote hosted system. When it finds it, you’ll see a login window where you will be asked to enter your user name and password. Once you have subscribed and given me your chosen user names, you will be able to log in from there.

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