Buy Online

When you buy with your credit card on-line, you buy on a secure server for assured privacy.

Special Note

Software updates for registered users are available on our on-line store. Select an update option only if you are a registered CMD user. Once your status as a registered CMD user has been verified, you’ll receive an e-mail note from us with the URL and password for your update.

Notice! If you order a CMD update and we cannot verify that you are a registered CMD user, your credit card will be credited for the purchase price less a 10% processing fee.

Click here to order Online (after you read the following instructions).

  • When you buy online with us, your credit card and billing information are taken on a secure page and sent to a secure server.
  • When you first get to the online store, click the Software Titles link in the upper left corner. That takes you to a page that shows the products available for on-line purchase. Click Buy Now to proceed. Verify that the quantity field is 1 unit. Click the Basket Contents menu at the top of the page if you need to adjust the quantity.
  • After clicking Buy Now you should be taken to a page where you enter your name and billing information. If not, click Checkout in the upper right corner of the page. The name and address information must match the name and address related to the credit card you are using. Please enter your church or ministry name as the business name, and don’t forget to enter a valid e-mail address!.

    After you enter the name on the credit card and the exact credit card billing address, click the Continue button. The next page that appears will prompt you to enter the actual credit card number and expiration date information to complete your on-line purchase.
  • Within a few minutes after your credit card has been verified and charged, you will receive e-mail receipt for the purchase. If you ordered the full version of CMD or Jots, another e-mail will follow with confirmation of your order with download instructions and your serial number which will unlock the full CMD program during setup. If you ordered an update, you’ll receive the second e-mail after we’ve verified your status as a registered CMD user.
  • You can print an invoice online after the credit card information has been accepted, and you will also receive one by e-mail.
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